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To purchase a gift card just follow these simple steps –

  1. Enter the value of the gift card you would like to purchase in the Other Amount box.
  2. Enter the email address of the person the voucher is for. Alternatively put your own email address in so you can receive the voucher and print it out to gift to the recipient.
  3. In the From box, enter your name, whom the gift card is from.
  4. Any message you would like to write in the message box.
  5. Delivery date – You can select when you would like the gift card email to be sent to the recipients email

All Gift cards are valid for 6 months from purchase. Expiry dates can be extended if you contact us. You can also top up your gift card with any amount. For example different members of your family can put money on your gift card or you can this do this to aid saving up for that special coral. To do this simply go to, put in your gift card number and follow the simple instructions.

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Don’t know what to buy your loved one as a gift?

Are they coral crazy?

What better gift to get them than a gift card they can spend at Hidden Gem Aquatics so they can choose a coral that they can’t resist.

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