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*PLEASE NOTE* Users that already have a login for HGA can use the same login details – no need to register again

Welcome to our Marine Community!

After the recent events with facebook closing down groups and pages that had huge dedicated followings, causing chaos to businesses and individuals, we have decided to start a completely open community that is just built within HGA’s website, that is also mobile friendly.

You still have a profile and Wall and you can write on your friends too!

The community is setup in quite a “Facebook” kind of way, individual users have profiles and streams (similar to your wall on FB) where they can post statuses and pictures and people are able to comment! You can choose who see these posts, whether it is the whole community or just your friends……yes you can add friends just the same!

You can chat the same, just like messenger

You can also use the chat feature which is a mirror of messenger to chat privately amongst yourselves.

We have Groups covered…….

We have also set up a feature where we can still have groups that are dedicated to a particular theme or location. These can be created by any individual or business. You can select moderators from your members if you need any extra help.

Discussion groups that are NOT created for the purpose of the owner, manager or moderator to sell their own items is absolutely free of charge and we encourage these groups to help grow our community. 

Groups that ARE created for the purpose of the owner, manager or moderator to sell and promote their own items will have to pay a monthly fee of £10. This will be done via Paypal invoicing. This can be cancelled at anytime and the group will either be deleted or run as a discussion group only. Please contact us at to arrange.

Sell, Sell, Sell……..

Individuals are free to post items for sale in groups but we also do have a FREE Classified ads section, where you can post for sale all your marine items including livestock. There is also a featured option in the Classifieds and for £2 can feature your item and it will be at the top of the free search results.

Monthly Membership

The monthly membership ONLY applies to the community and NOT to Hidden Gem Aquatics normal website for purchasing of our goods, taking part in our prize competitions and participating in our Auctions.

Every community member gets 1 month FREE TRIAL (can be cancelled at any time) and thereafter the cost is just £1 a month to go towards the cost of running this community. The membership is taken through PayPal subscribe and can be cancelled at any point in the membership section of your profile.

In Brief, membership allows you to do the following –

  • Create your own profile including profile picture and cover photo
  • Post on your own wall
  • Have a News Feed
  • Comment on others posts and the ability to tag other members
  • Allows you to add other members as friends
  • Chat to each other using a messenger like chat window
  • Be entered into free prize draws and have exclusive discounts from Hidden Gem Aquatics
  • Create marine related groups (None business run groups are totally free, business groups £10 per month fee)
  • Become members of said groups and participate
  • Sell all your marine related items, including coral, fish, equipment etc without interruption
  • Post classified ads with a free and paid for option
  • Be able to report any unsuitable behaviour

Detailed User Guide – Lets see what you think!

We are currently in the process of creating a more detailed guide to the features available and will release the link to the guide on this page. For now, join, take advantage of your free trial, have a look around, fill in your profile, add some friends and see what you think. We know that it is not perfect and will be constantly updating with new features, but if it helps us carry on with our amazing community without any higher powers killing businesses and ruining a community we know works, then we are glad to help!